Guide to Fill Out International EMS Waybill International EMS Waybill Guide to Fill Out International EMS Waybil

A-G sections of international EMS waybill should be completed by the sender in accordance with “Customer Notice Article 2 and Article 3”

Customer Notice
  1. This EMS waybill is used for sending international shipments and shipments to Hong Kong and Macao.
  2. This waybill should be completed minutely, accurately, and faithfully in English or French. Please type or print legibly and firmly using typewriter or ball pen.
  3. The accurate names and addresses of the sender and the receiver are required together with phone numbers to facilitate shipment delivery. The post office box would not be acceptable as the whole address of the receiver. The postal enterprise will not be responsible for the delivery delay caused by wrong and inaccurate address.
  4. Please do not enclose cash, dangerous goods and any articles prohibited by the Postal Law, Implementation Rules, and destination country (region) regulations and transportation carriers.
  5. Proper packaging materials should be used in accordance with the postal regulations and the contents of shipments to ensure the safety of the shipments.
  6. According to the relevant regulation of IATA, when the volumetric weight is higher than the actual weight, the postage should be calculated in accordance with the volumetric weigh. The volumetric weight formula is: Length (cm)×Width×(cm)Height×(cm)÷6000
  7. To ensure quick customs clearance for parcel shipments, please fill in detailed contents description, quantity, declared value and place of origin in the proper section in English or French. The CN23 form and the commercial invoice filled out in English should be attached to any parcel item. Otherwise, the clearance may be delayed.
  8. The maximum weight for an EMS shipment sent to Hong Kong is 40 kilograms. For shipments sent to other countries and regions, the weight is 30 kilograms.