Exclusion Clause for Domestic Guarantee Service

China Postal Express & Logistics shall bear no obligation for compensating delivery delay in the following cases:

  1. Force majeure (“Force Majeure” refers to unpredictable,unavoidable,insurmountable circumstances, including, but not limited to, governmental act, policy changes of postal supervisory authorities, war, earthquake, typhoon, flood and fire).
  2. Shipments confiscated or handled by related departments according to laws and regulations for violation of regulations on prohibited and restricted articles, or transportation regulations.
  3. Shipment delayed or returned due to incomplete or incorrect address or post code, or the actual address of receiver beyond the guarantee coverage.
  4. Receiver’s company or residential compound refuse the entry of delivery carriers, and sign delivery contract with us. Due to the act or negligence of the contracted agency, shipments delivered to designated place according to contract are delayed.
  5. Receiver’s address is institutions or other offices which do not accept shipments on Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays
  6. Shipment delay or return caused by the absence of receiver and proper designated agent, or the refusal to accept shipments by the receiver.
  7. Shipment delay caused by national or regional air or land transport system (whether or not operated by postal enterprises) discontinuity brought about by uncontrollable events (weather, etc.), or communication system interruption or breakdown (We will make constant efforts to transit shipments to the destination).
  8. The customer demands no enquiry or claim for compensation during the valid period.
  9. We shall compensate for shipment delay according to regulations, but take no responsibility for compensating other losses and indirect losses.