Mooncake Express

Aimed to “Deliver Homesick Feelings with Mooncake”, Mooncake Express provides customers with one-stop express delivery service, including purchase and delivery of various top-brand mooncakes.

Customers can handle this service at post offices and express & logistics counters, or call customer service hotline 11183 to inquire about this service.

Counter Handling Process: choose mooncakes according to mooncake catalog, or at the mooncake display case, fill in express waybill, and then pay the charges (postage+mooncake retail price). Your mooncakes will be delivered as express shipment.

Telephone Handling Process: telephone enquiry acceptance-->introduction of mooncaketype, price, and postage-->order confirmation-->charge pickup (postage+mooncake retail price)-->issuance of receipts-->shipped as express items

For customers who plan to purchasenumerous mooncakes, please call customer service hotline 11183 to arrange a door-to-door service.

Committed to becoming the “Number One Gift Express Brand”, China Postal Express & Logistics also operates gift sales and delivery of local specialties in Christmas, New Year, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and Valentine’s Day.