Domestic Economy Express

Economy Express is targeted at domestic merchandise market, and provides delivery service for customers who ship batches of relatively high value products and have high expectations for safety, information feedback and cost performance, for example, online shopping, TV shopping, electronic and telecommunications product manufacturers or sellers.


Postal offices in cities above prefecture-level could accept economy shipments sent to the whole country (except Tibet, Hainan and Xinjiang). The service is also available in some economically developed counties.

Service Level

Services for economy express, including door-to-door pickup, delivery, enquiry and compensation, is consistent with the domestic express mail standard.

Delivery Time

End-to-End overlandtransit and delivery time a little longer than standard domestic express mails


Zone Price for First 1 KG(CNY) Price for Additional 1 KG (CNY)
Zone 1 (500 km) 12 3
Zone 2 (500-1500 km) 14 4
Zone 3 (1500-2500 km) 16 5
Zone 4 (over 2500 km) 18 10

For more information, please call customer service hotline 11183.