Domestic E-commerce Express Introduction

Supported by an advanced delivery network, China Postal Express & Logistics designed E-commerce Express Service(including “e-EMS” and “eYoubao”) according to the operational features of e-commerce for individuals and enterprises engaged in online trade. In addition to basic shipping service, CPEL also provides value-added services such as “Warehouse+Sorting+Delivery+COD”. E-commerce express has been widely recognized for its stable performance and convenience since its launching in 2007.

Price Standard

Price standard for e-EMS is consistent with standard EMS. Price for eYoubao (e邮宝) is listed as follows:

CoverageFirst 1 KG (CNY)(元)Renewal per kg weight or its price foreigner (CNY) (yuan)
Province 103
Inside the province (Exchanged among Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, and between Beijing and Tianjin)104
Interprovincial (excluding regional)15within 1500 km (Zone 1)4
1500-2500 km (Zone 2)6
over 2500 km (Zone 3)10

Please contact customer service hotline 11183 for more information about the service.